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Anamorphic footage and 3d coordinates in After Effects

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May 02, 2023 May 02, 2023

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Hi! My name is Sergey, I'm a developer at KeenTools.

We are currently struggling with supporting anamorphic footage (pixel aspect != 1.0) in our plugins. 


Imagine I have a FullHD composition with pixel aspect == 2.0. It would look like this:


If I create camera it's parameters in pixels doesn't match the composition size (e.g. horizontal is multiplied by pixel aspect)



If I create four Nulls with (x, y, 0) coordinates, where x and y are 0 or 100 I would get a rectangle (with width equal to pixel aspect multiplied by height). 


But if I load a 3d model (in AE Beta) it will look OK (not streched). (So streching happens for 3d coordinates of Nulls, but not for 3d point coordinates of imported objects?)


My question is this:

How does projection and 3d space positions (coordinates) work with anamorphic composition in After Effects? Where/when does stretching by pixel aspect applies? Does it affect the default camera settings (e.g. maybe zoom==z coordinate is affected)?

To be clear - we want to make sure our idea of how model/view/projection matrices look like is similar to what they actually look like in After Effects. So all the exports we do work as expected.
In other software anamorphic footage only affects projection (streching is happenning there). While 3d coordinates are always uniform and are not affected by pixel aspect. This is not the case for After Effects.








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