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Green Screen Keying Adds Transparency to the Object

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Feb 19, 2024 Feb 19, 2024

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I’m currently doing a composite using one of Action VFX’s free green screen shots (an astronaut in a space suit walking). I’m still in the beginning of the project, but I’m facing a problem with the green screen keying. As the shot has a lot of shadows and the green was kind of pale, I added Lumetri Color and tried to add some saturation and brightness to the green and reduce the shadows (I tinkered with that in HSL Secondary, but can't reduce them that much, without melting the suit shadows away as well). When I keyed it out, the space suit had some transparency, probably because the green spill is too much on the white suit and it eats away its pixels too.


When I apply the keylight effect and sample the green, I end up with a semi-transparent subject. The only setting I can change to bring back 100% opaqueness is “clip white”, but that starts to add back the background in grey color. I tried to do a garbage mask around the subject and add the keylight, but it’s still the same thing. I’m attaching screenshots below:


Lumetri Settings.JPG

Keylight Settings.JPG

Lumetri Settings 2.JPG

What would the workaround be in such cases of a green screen so I can have a normal key of the astronaut in the end?



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