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How to export HDR colorspace files from After Effects

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Mar 18, 2024 Mar 18, 2024

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The short answer is YOU CAN'T...with the Render Button...

The actual answer is you must use Queue In ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER to export HDR content.

I am so frustrated i have been testing and racking my brain trying to adjust colorspace and settings in AFX and no matter what i do all files i export have rec 709 colorspace.
If you google "after effects export hdr" the results are a bunch of old posts of people trying to figure out how to get hdr from afx.
In your after effects online help guide in the color section it talks all about color spaces and never mentions you need to use AME to export.
In your help guide render and export settings section there is no mention at all of HDR or needing to use AME to export HDR.

I just happened to stumble across some 5 minute video on youtube and caught the 5 second section where he says "you must use AME to export HDR in after effects"
Thankfully i found that or i would still be going crazy trying to figure it out.

Why don't you communicate this to the user?

If i create a comp in AFX and go into project settings and choose rec2020 or 2100 color space then i clearly want my project to export this way. You could simply put it right there. A simple if then statement {if colorspace > rec709 then print text "you have chosen a HDR colorspace, you must export with Adobe Media Encoder to output HDR files"}

I work at a Television station with a team of editors that have all been living in adobe premiere and after effects everyday for 10-20 years each and NONE of us knew this.

Honestly though once i discovered this i was impressed with the built in presets you give in AME:

AME output presets.png
You could also just modify the render buttons and put SDR next to RENDER and HDR next to QUEUE IN AME

Also maybe you could even contact google and tell them that if someone searches for "after effects hdr export" they could just give the one actual answer which is "send to AME"

Hopefully this post will make the search engines and help someone find this answer that needs it.


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