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How to get accurate HDR video from After Effects into Premiere?

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Mar 19, 2024 Mar 19, 2024

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...And have it look EXACTLY the same?

OK so now that i finally figured out how to Export HDR files from After Effects I need to know how to make it match and actually look the same.


I have done exhaustive testing and every color space and setting i try can't replicate the same video.

The goal here is be able to roundtrip video out of premiere and into after effects and back into premiere and have it look the same.


Does anyone in the community or at Adobe know how to accomplish this?


First basic test is this: In Premiere create a 4K UHD sequence with 2100 HLG color space.
Create Bars and Tone 2100 HLG color space
Export as Prores 4444 2100 HLG
I can import that file back into premiere and it has identical output levels as the source bars.

Premiere Color Space.png

So now Import that file into after effects and pick the proper HLG color space that matches Premiere's 2100 HLG (I dont know, i try them all and none work?, which one is it supposed to be?)

afx colorspaces.png

Of course in a normal project you would modify the video and create gfx or changes and do cool AFX stuff with it, but for testing lets just export it back out as-is.


Then Export this file from AFX as Prores 4444 HLG and Import it into Premiere.... Does it look the same as the source? nothing i try works.


So if the solution is found then we can move on to the actual test which is getting real video from a camera into After Effects and getting matching output when you put it in Premiere.


So test #2 would be a "realworld" situation


I want to take Sony S-log3 video from Sony FX9 camera, I can drop the clip into Premiere and Auto Log Detection recognizes it and makes it look proper.

I Import that same clip into After Effects and Set my Project Color Space to some flavor of HLG? (I dont know which one is correct yet?)

I click on my clip and hit interpret footage and choose Sony S-Log3 and it fixes the video and looks pretty much accurate in my AFX preview window.

Now in a real project i would do some Keylight keying maybe or add some snazzy AFX graphics to it etc... but for this test we just want to export it back out to compare.

Now we export our video with AME as Prores 4444 HLG.
Import into Premiere and drop into the timeline next to our raw footage and it should look identical...but it doesn't for me no matter how many different settings i have tried. Some tests are relatively close, but nothing actually matches.


Please someone let me know if you have the answer to what magical settings in AFX will match the 2100 HLG sequence in Premiere.


FYI all of our editing machines are windows based with Nvidia Geforce cards and Blackmagic I/O cards.


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