Rotobrush 2.0 Still causing crashes with M1 Macs?

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Feb 11, 2022 Feb 11, 2022

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Hi there, 

I'm aware this has been discussed at length - and I have been using the 'switch back to roto 1.0 quickly' technique to get around the issue. However, today I received a large, complicated file from a client which had a lot of instances/uses of roto 2 scattered around the project - too many for me to switch to 1.0 quickly to avoid the crash. The green bar appears which reads 'roto brush initialising...' and then the application quits entirely. 

My questions are: 
• is it possible to locate roto brush 2 on my machine and remove it, and would that force the project to default back to 1.0 across all instances where it's used?
• I've heard talk of a beta version of aftereffects for M1's that may tackle the issue, but cannot find it on the creative cloud app. Does anyone know how to install it? I'd also heard that a version 17 of Ae was still working with roto 2.0 but it seems that is no longer available. 

If anyone can think of other possible solutions, let me know. I am aware the issue has something to do with Big Sur (which I am running) but I know a lot of people had issues with this, so I just thought I'd check in and see if we were any closer to a fix. 


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