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Rotobrush best practices: better to use "reduce chatter" before or after brushing?

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Oct 31, 2022 Oct 31, 2022

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Using Rotobrush more lately. I would like the veterans' opinions so I can avoid wasted time. Do you feel you get better final results if you leave "Reduce chatter" at 0% while you do all of your selections, and then bump it up as needed when the stroking is done? Or do you get better final results going for a "Reduce chatter" value of say 50%-75% WHILE you are stroking the selections? I realize there is also a possible efficiency aspect - can you work faster if "Reduce chatter" is actively working on your selections as you go vs. tediously brushing until you have the curve you want that "Reduce chatter" would have fixed for you after the fact. Any and all opinions welcomed! Just trying to get as much info to take into my own experimenting. Thanks, all.


- DK

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