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Target a specific comp by name and add Slider

Community Beginner ,
Apr 03, 2024 Apr 03, 2024

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Hi everyone!

I have a couple of Nulls inside Comp 2 and this comp is a precomp inside Comp 1. 


I need to create a script that checks if there is an effect in  the selected Null then add the same effect to Comp 2.  This is only for Checkboxes and Sliders, nothing major. 


I think one of the reasons this is not working is because I'm using the activeItem. The script needs to look for a specific comp name because my projects have many layers and sorting by items indexes might not always work.  


I feel that adding the expressions to link both parameters later would be very simple once I understand how the heck to access Comp 2 from within it. 


This is what I have so far:

var myComp;
for (var i = 1; i <= app.project.numItems; i ++) {
    if ((app.project.item(i) instanceof CompItem) && (app.project.item(i).name === 'Comp 2')) {
        myComp = app.project.item(i);

var baseComp = myComp.layer("Comp 2");
var baseCompSlider = baseComp.effect.addProperty("ADBE Slider Control");

alert (myComp.name + selectedLayer.name);


I know I'm kinda crazy and perhaps the idea is redundant, but please help this crazy guy solve this rittle. I'm learning to code. 


Thank you.

Experiment , Expressions , Scripting






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