I authorized my Laptop (#1) with no "eBook Vendor " but the other Laptop (#2) with a "eBook Vendor"

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Jun 06, 2020 Jun 06, 2020

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First, I authorized my first Laptop (#1) I did not select "eBook Vendor = BLANK!" , then, I purchased 3 NO. eBooks through my laptop (#1) and open and using them. After that, I authorized my other laptop (#2) I selected "eBook Vendor = Adobe ID" and purchased a new eBook through my laptop (#2). Then, I faced an issue that I cannot open the 3 No. eBooks in my laptop (#2), ERROR appeared "e_lic_already_fulfilled_by_another_user". On the other hand, I cannot open the new eBook in my laptop (#1), ERROR appeared "e_lic_already_fulfilled_by_another_user".


Thus, I decided to Erase Authorization from Laptop (#1) then, re-Authorizing it by select eBook vendor same as laptop (#2) "eBook Vendor = Adobe ID". Now, I can only open the new eBook in both laptops, but I cannot open the old 3 No. eBooks which I was opening before without selecting eBook Vendor in laptop (#1), ERROR appeared "e_lic_already_fulfilled_by_another_user" .


I want my both laptops to be authorized with "eBook Vendor = Adobe ID" and both can open all my eBooks (old 3 No. eBooks) and (the new eBook). Please, support?







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