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Add a Closed Captions Preferences Pane to Premiere Pro Preferences

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Mar 28, 2024 Mar 28, 2024

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Premiere Pro Captions Preferences Pane


I work on commercials almost exclusively. I make hundreds to sometimes thousands of short 05/15/30/60 spots every year. So there are many tasks that I do over and over for each and every sequence for every project.


Closed Captions are one of those repetitive tasks.


I would like there to be a preference pane for Closed Captions that will allow me to set global captioning settings that become defaults for every project.


I see no way to set a captioning default. I even asked your tech support tech when on a tech support call if I can do this, he had no idea either. You have a default option, but no way to modify that and set that so I do not have to work through this menu every time.


I want to set 608 captions as a default because I NEVER do any other kind of captions. All my work goes to the same TV station that requires 608 captions. As it is now I have to work through that drop down menu every time.


Same for languages. All I do is English.


And same for a general style for the captions. I have saved styles before but they didn’t transfer to other projects, which made that a useless thing to do.


I want to be able to set the basic settings of that text panel- text, type, align and transform zone, appearance, background and font as a universal preference that transfers to all projects and is backed up to the could with my settings and are settings that survive an upgrade to a new version and are not forgotten or deleted like other settings are.


Most of my captions are set to the top middle zone and all have an opaque background, due to onscreen graphics- neither of those settings are your built in and seemingly unchangeable default settings.


Having these set as a default settings will save me small amounts of time and several clicks and drop down menus that I have to select over and over and over for every project.


Imagine that this is how it works:


I click on transcribe, make changes to incorrect or poorly transcribed text then click the CC button and the pop up window has these settings selected by default so I can make changes if need to or just say go and all those settings in the preference panel come into play and a moment later the captions are created in a way that 90% of my spots need all in 1 click.


Maybe that CC button can have styles assigned to it, and there are multiple CC buttons that can be modified in preferences so that I can have 2, 3, or 4 styles available for those that need this. CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4 ect. Allow users to rename those buttons, CC 608 for example, keeping the CC on every button with a few letters available to add to differentiate the buttons for specific settings/styles.


This all about cutting the repetitive tasks that make a user’s day easier and more productive.

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Community Expert ,
Mar 30, 2024 Mar 30, 2024

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Upvoted. Your detailed workflow and reasoning is very timely for the developers as they are adding better organization and access for text styles. But it still doesn't include setting a global default. @Annika Koenig @Kerstin Ebert 


The enhancements were just introduced in PR 24.3.0. I provide some links in my response to this feature request, which addresses setting a default style for the text tool also.



I agree that we need to have control of the default text style, the default caption track style, and the default caption creation preset.


Part of the problem is that until you create a caption or a text instance, you cannot access the new EGP style browser. And a caption creation preset can't use a caption track style that is not in the project.


You are probably already using a version of a project template - whether your own or one that PR accesses in its new project mode. I have not used these, but the folder  organization and reused assets alone are excellent. It is a pretty painless workaround for some of the issues you raise. The template can contain your caption creation preset, which sets the caption track style upon creation, and that track style is already in the template project.


Unfortunately, the caption creation preset is sticky only for a project while it is open, so you have to select it. But it is there in the dropdown. If you have multiple track styles within a project, they are already in the dropdown for selection.