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Premiere using AMD Ryzen 7000 iGPU

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Feb 02, 2023 Feb 02, 2023

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With the new Ryzen CPUs having integrated graphics, it would be fantastic if Adobe would implement an "AMD quicksync" alternative, leveraging the IGPU for smoother playback when possible. 


Currently, Intel CPUs are typically the better option for most users that work with H.264 because there are fewer dropped frames and it creates an overall better editing experience. By supporting the new AMD alternative, myself and others who've invested in both AMD and Adobe can not only finish editing faster but have a much better experience. As this is Ryzens first real generation with the IGPUs in these types of processors, it doesn't need to be perfect, but the sooner it is integrated the sooner it can be refined with user feedback!

Hopefully, this is not something that AMD needs to contact Adobe about to get done.

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