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REQUEST: A panel to control intra-Productions links from clips within sequences to master clips

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Mar 29, 2023 Mar 29, 2023

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I work for a large documentary outfit with many of our projects being distributed by the likes of HBO, Netflix, etc.


The company has traditionally used Avid for cutting but we are increasingly moving towards Premiere -- specificially Productions -- for our projects because of the shared storage workflow functionality.


One major problem we've had in Productions is clips going offline, not displaying their attached proxies, and not displaying their source clip effects, all because the program is unable to find the correct master clip within the production.


As I understand it, Productions is linking to clips in sequences in two ways -- on the finder, which is controlled by the "link media" function/dialogue (which works great), and within the Production, to the master/source clips. 


All we have to control these intra-production links from clips in the sequence to their master clips is a vague "reassociate source clips" option in the edit dropdown menu. Sadly this function only works some of the time, and its hard to know why.


What I'd love to see in Productions moving forward is a dialogue or panel for relinking WITHIN the production, between clips in one's sequences and the corresponding master clip. This would ideally look somewhat like the "link media" dialogue. It would be great to be able dictate the master clip that you want Premiere to reference for any given clip in the sequence.


This would be immensely helpful for all Productions workflows.


Thanks for your time!

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