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Trainable Transcription

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Apr 30, 2024 Apr 30, 2024

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As I continue to use the excellent Transcription feature in Premiere I've found a small stumbling block. A lot of the times I'm working with interviews that involve industry-specific knowledge, odd company names, or odd brand names (for example, a company name that is a four letter acronym such as "ETLN"). When transcribing these sequences, Premiere gets tripped up trying to find standard English words that fit in the sounds it hears, creating transcriptions that become difficult to search or easily convert into captions.

Not sure how possible it would be, but it would be great if we could "train" the tool per project by giving it company names, jargon, slang, product names, etc that may be used in the interview. This way the tool knows that when someone says something like "ETLN" it's a company name and not "a tea Ellen."

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