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Two Track MOGRT

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Jan 27, 2024 Jan 27, 2024

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The idea here is to be able to build a MOGRT that comes into Premiere as two different video tracks. There are a number of potential applications where this could be useful. I will outline why I need it, but also where else it could be useful.
I work on a graphics package that features a number of statistical graph based graphics. The final edit needs to be delivered as an English version wigth full English graphics, but also as an International version (without English text) so other broadcasters can localise it for their audience. Currently I build two MOGRTS, one for the universal elements, such as pie chart, and numbers, and then a second one with English text. These are put in the timeline on two separate tracks. This can then be exported an international, the English track hidden and then exported again as an International version.
The annoyance here is if both layers need the same data entered. For example if you were using flags with country names. You would then need to choose the countries from a dropdown to initiate the correct flag ont he international layer, then you would need to make the same choices to generate the correct text in the English layer. This is not a huge issue, but can lead to errors. It would be great if we could make this choice once, and it affect two layers at once, so we can simply hide a layer when required.
Another application for this would be to create background and foreground elements for chromakey work. You could hjave one layer with a complex background, and then another with foreground elements. The chromakey element could then be placed on a layer between the two MOGRT layers in Premiere.
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