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Add CRF slider for H264/HEVC video exports

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Jun 25, 2023 Jun 25, 2023

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When exporting a video using After Effects then you must manually change the bitrate while considering the resolution, frame rate, and high dynamic range. This is a tedious and frustrating aspect that is not intutive and yet is vital in ensuring the exported video is high quality.


To streamline this difficulity, I would like to request the addition of a CRF slider into the H264/HEVC export settings panel. This feature already exists in FFmpeg and AfterCodecs and is quite useful.


From the FFmpeg documentation:

Constant Rate Factor (CRF) - Use this rate control mode if you want to keep the best quality and care less about the file size. This method allows the encoder to attempt to achieve a certain output quality for the whole file when output file size is of less importance. This provides maximum compression efficiency with a single pass. By adjusting the so-called quantizer for each frame, it gets the bitrate it needs to keep the requested quality level. The downside is that you can't tell it to get a specific filesize or not go over a specific size or bitrate, which means that this method is not recommended for encoding videos for streaming.


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