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Upgrade the Exposure effect

Community Expert ,
Oct 19, 2023 Oct 19, 2023

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I'd like to see some upgrades to the Exposure effect to make it more usable for compositing.



- Exposure value is additive but the math is multiplication. Makes it unsuable to link to color with expressions.

- Offset slider despite being float is way too sensitive so can't be used as log exposure in grading with normal mouse sliding. Even holding cmd/ctrl is too sensitive.

- Bypass linear conversion still needs to be checked when project is managed with OCIO. Makes sense as it isn't guaranteed that the working space is linear but would be better to have a checkbox in the project color settings to let AE know you work in linear. (I would personally remove the option all together from Camera Lens Blur and Exposure and always do no conversion, it's not that neccesary for non linear anyway)



- Display Exposure slider as multiplication with 1,0 as the base value.

- Greatly reduce the sensitivity/range of the offset slider.

- Either remove the conversion checkbox and make no conversion default math or add option to indicate linear workspace to OCIO management.



I mentioned it being unusable for linking to color control which is what I've been using Levels (individual controls) for. But ultimately it would be awesome if the Exposure effect could have a color picker as well! When relighting CG or whitebalancing a linear plate using a color control is tons easier than individual sliders. Having the exposure values be 1,0 on all channels makes 1,0 white no change and changing the colors would reflect back to those values which is why that change is neccesary.


See example below:


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Compositing and VFX , UI and UX , Workflow






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