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Premiere Pro Community Digest—August 2021

Adobe Employee ,
Aug 10, 2021 Aug 10, 2021

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Premiere Pro Community Digest - August 2021

Photo_04.jpgHi there Premiere Pro Community! Time again for the Community Digest for the month of August. Lots of cool stuff to report this month, so let's get directly to it.



New Release

First of all, as August began, we had a new release of Premiere Pro! It's Premiere Pro 2021, version 15.4. I hope you all like it. It has a killer new feature, Speech to Text! It also came out as a native version for the new Macs running the M1 processor. Not bad, eh? Have you downloaded it? It's available on the Creative Cloud application. 


Community Events

Another Adobe Video Community Meetup was held on July 28 focusing on the new speech to text feature. Totally awesome demos and background on the feature from the Premiere Pro Team, including Meagan Keane, Teresa Demel, Senior Product Manager, Francis Crossman and User Experience Designer, Parker Gibbons. The livestream also featured content creator and documentary filmmaker, Brittney Janae, who shared a look a recent edit, showing how she creates for emotion and engagement. If you missed out, that's OK because you can watch the replay. The next one coming up is on August 25, so set up your calendars now.


We have a few issues related to the new release, so scroll down to be aware of these. These could come in handy to know about. Any time you have an issue on your own, create a new post. We're here to help!

Let's take a look back at July and ahead to the rest of August 2021.

    • Premiere Pro 15.4 has been released.
      • If you haven't yet check them out, have a look at the latest features. There are a good number of minor features, including those around labels and the Essential Graphics panel that are worth reviewing.
    • Premiere Pro Beta Announcements: New features were released and discussed in the Beta Forums. Discussions around the Import and Export workflows and new UI features were particularly active. Have you seen the recent discussions? What about the beta version of Premiere Pro? Have you tried it? It is very simple to take part, just download the application from the Creative Cloud application. The left sidebar contains a tab called "Beta Apps." Just check that and you'll be guided to install the application.

For August, here are some dates you may want to be aware of.

  • August 25 is the online Adobe Video Community Meetup. This month, the topic is: TBA. Link here for more info.
  • Revisit this post for last minute events that might arise between now and then.

Photo_01.jpgPremiere Pro Team Blog Posts

In July, there were some Premiere Pro Team blog posts that were published. These are links to the articles related to Adobe Premiere Pro and some stories from the Premiere Pro filmmaking community. Just a few Team Blog posts overall this month, but definitely worth your attention.

Photo_02.jpgLatest Features: Adobe Premiere Pro (15.4)

Full documentation on the latest features here.



Photo_03.jpgBeta Features: Adobe Premiere Pro Beta

Discuss: New export workflow

Discuss: New import workflow

Discuss: Redesigned header bar

Discuss more here.


Photo_05.jpgTop Troubleshooting threads

Issues with 15.4? With new releases there are always a few things to look out for, here's what we are seeing so far:


Photo_06.jpgCool New How-to Content

Here are some great new "How To" technique threads, videos, and other stuff you may find interesting. If you have a cool tutorial or technique to share with the community, please drop Kevin a message.

Preview Files Explained in Adobe Premiere Pro
by Video Revealed

Speech to Text in Premiere Pro
by Adobe Video and Audio

How to Create a Speed Ramped Zoom Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Tutorial)
By Justin Odisho

How To Create Text Gradients in Premiere Pro
by Adobe Care


How To Reveal Text, Title, or Logo in Premiere Pro
by Javier Mercedes

Mike DziennikMike DziennikFeatured ACP - Mike Dziennik
This month's Featured ACP is Mike Dziennik. I wanted to thank Mike for his professional contributions to the Premiere Pro community for all these years. Mike as been an active community member since 2015 and has almost 850 responses to fellow editors. These are all quality responses with a number of solutions and kudos. Thank you again, Mike! Mike has been working super hard in the London post-production community and it shows. I aksed Mike a little about his background and he shared the following with me.
Mike grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and spent much of his childhood running around with a Hi8 camcorder (and later MiniDV), making movies with his friends. It was in those early days he was first introduced to Premiere.

After high school, he left his Highland home town to study Animation at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland. After Effects was at the heart of much of his work during this time: "whilst CS3 was the current release at the time, I still had Angie Taylor's 'Creative After Effects 5.0' on my bookshelf which always came in handy!"

His first employment after graduation took him to the opposite end of Britain: working as an animator in Devon. In 2010 he moved to London. After a short stint at the BBC as a Media Technician, he joined a boutique post-production facility in Covent Garden; there he developed an array of post production skills and became proficient with other pro level NLE platforms. Mike became a freelancer in 2020 and is currently working as an Assistant Editor on a feature film for Netflix.

Mike is also a keen juggler, currently working on 5-ball juggling and often likes to go out for a short ride on his unicycle.

Thanks again for volunteering your time to the forums and community and for sharing a little about yourself here, Mike. If you have a moment, drop Mike a line and give him a personal thanks if you have been one of the hundreds of people helped out by Mike. Thank you again, Mike!

That wraps up the Premiere Pro Community Digest for August 2021. Thanks for checking in and we'll see you next month.

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Premiere Pro Community Digest — August 2021

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Adobe Community Professional ,
Aug 20, 2021 Aug 20, 2021

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Nicce round up Kevin. Good to hear about my fellow Dundonian 🙂


Best regards, Euan.





Community guidelines
Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more
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