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Premiere Pro Community Digest — November 2022

Adobe Employee ,
Dec 01, 2022 Dec 01, 2022

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Premiere Pro Community Digest - November 2022


Hey there, community! Welcome back to the Premiere Pro Community Digest for November 2022. Let's get going with the community news, and then we can explore monthly features. I'll also tell you about some new features in the latest Premiere Pro Beta, and we'll continue celebrating the arrival of Premiere Pro version 23. Let's go!

Latest News

Small SQ GIF_13.gifGiving thanks to the Premiere Pro community!

I want to kick off this edition of the Premiere Pro community digest with a word of thanks. Thanks to you that is! Without people like you, our community would not be as rich as it is. I am grateful for your participation and keeping our community a great place to solve issues and learn new things.


In the US, we had the Thanksgiving holiday, where we typically gather with family and friends, share a meal, give thanks and be grateful for our kinship. In that spirit, I hope you and your loved ones have a rich and wonderful time as we wind up the 2022 Fall season.


November Adobe Video Community Meet-up

After Effects was in the driver's seat for this month's community meet-up, which took place on November 9, it was entitled "After Effects: Get a Social BOOST in Performance with After Effects." This meet-up featured two product managers from the After Effects Team, Victoria Nece and Catie Bass. Kyle Hamrick of the School of Motion joined them.



The meet-up included info on how to level up your content with the breadth of creative tools found in After Effects. Kyle Hamrick of the School of Motion gave a presentation on how to do just that. Kyle's presentation was designed to help you make your social posts pop with excitement. This online meet-up explored leveraging After Effects presets and templates with Premiere Pro. 


One Club Denver Film Festival Student Award Winners Use Adobe Tools

Photo by Kimberly CoffinPhoto by Kimberly CoffinAdobe Community Expert and Teaching Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder Joseph Labrecque informed me about two films his students entered into the One Club Denver Film Festival earlier this month.


He said his students used Premiere Pro and After Effects to create the award-winning videos, including Bang & Olufsen's "Finely Tuned Virtual Auction." This film was the Student Merit Winner for the festival. The team also presented a video of Door Dash's "Dash + Dine" campaign, for which the team carried home the Bronze prize.


Joseph wanted to pass along kudos from the community to the students (pictured here) who worked hard on the videos using the software. Congratulations!

News and Blog Posts

Premiere Pro Team News
Here's our monthly look at news from the Premiere Pro Team.


Latest Release, Premiere Pro v.23

Premiere Pro v.23 was released at Adobe MAX to great success. Check out the documentation for the latest release here


Premiere Pro Bug Reports and Feature Requests are now in Adobe Forums

AdobeStock_265961517.jpegFor several years, bug reports and feature requests have been logged in User Voice. We listened to editors' feedback that User Voice did not meet their wants and needs and took action. With other Adobe applications successfully moving "Bugs and Ideas" to Adobe forums, the Premiere Pro team is also making that move. 


In the coming weeks, top bug reports and feature requests (now called "Ideas") are being moved to Adobe forums. We ask your patience as we migrate those posts to the new locations. Check out this article for more information about the migration: FAQ: Migration of UserVoice to Support Community.


For Bugs, you can now file here.
For Ideas, you can now file here.


Premiere Pro Team Blog Posts

No new blog posts this month. Sorry. You can, however, view the latest blog posts. For all the latest Adobe tech news, including Adobe Video and Audio teams, place this link on your regular list of places to visit.

What's new?

Small SQ GIF_08.gifPremiere Pro Beta

Check out the latest Beta to discover what's next for Premiere Pro. More info here

Premiere Pro Beta has a few new features you might like this month. Preview the details in these posts. 

View these recent discussions. You can also stop by to upvote features or file bugs with a new feature in the Premiere Pro Beta forum. Let me know what you think of these community features.


Premiere Pro Beta documentation is here


Small SQ GIF_12.gifTop troubleshooting articles

Issues with any of your projects? First, update to the latest version of Premiere Pro, which might have a fix for those issues. Next, check our list of known issues.


  • NVIDIA GPU Drivers causing hangs on import and unexpected behavior: Some editors have reported problems with the NVIDIA Studio Drivers v.526.98. Roll back the drivers to v.522.xx or earlier to restore system stability.
  • MXF 4K Footage and Performance Issues with v.23: Product Manager @Fergus H is on the thread here.
  • Loudness Normalization Silences Every 2nd Audio Channel on Multichannel .mxf Export: This issue was seen several times on forums this month. A bug has been filed.

Adobe Community Professional Highlight

Featured Adobe Community Expert - Harold Silva

IMG_3134.jpegIt's time to present our featured Adobe Community Expert for the month, Harold Silva. Harold has been a community member for over seven years, written over 507 posts with many "Likes," and accepted solutions from colleagues on the forum. Harold and I chatted, and he told me a little about himself. Here's what he wrote:


"Hi, I'm Harold Silva, Adobe Certified Expert and Certified Instructor (Premiere Pro). I currently work as an audiovisual producer in one of the largest digital media in Peru (Grupo La Republica). I also work as a video instructor at the Peruvian Institute of Art and Design in Lima, Peru, and at the BPRO Design Training Center (AATC).


With more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual field, I have also been a member of the Adobe community since 2016. It has helped me become more aware of the new technologies that are coming out daily."


We appreciate your expertise here on the forums, Harold. The Premiere Pro community thanks you for all your efforts. Have you ever been helped by Harold? If so, drop him a note if you have a moment and give him a thank you.

To find out more about our Adobe Community Experts, click here.

Learn Something New

Small SQ GIF_09.gifRecommended how-to content

Here are some great "How To" technique threads, videos, and other tidbits you might find compelling. I've featured two videos from Mr. Chin Fat on data management. Great tips there, so take a look. Please let me know if you have a handy tutorial or technique to share with the community.


Trick Premiere Pro to MATCH the look of box office hits
Channel: Color Grading Central


Easy Music Video Effect - The RGB Split - Premiere Pro
Channel: Javier Mercedes


DATA MANAGEMENT for Film and Video Part 1: Intro and Transferring Media
Channel: Chin Fat


DATA MANAGEMENT for Film and Video Part 2: Intro and Transferring Media
Channel: Chin Fat


For reference: Premiere Pro Best Practices Guide for TV and Episodic Post-Production can be downloaded here: https://adobe.ly/PremiereProGuide


Featured Content

In researching articles written in November that might interest Premiere Pro editors, I found the following: 


Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Editing
Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 12.09.30 PM.pngMassive's Alexandra Marriott brings you this article which gathers popular keyboard shortcuts for Premiere Pro editors. These include Enable / Disable, Ripple Edit / Ripple Delete, Slip Tool, Add Transition, Synchronize, Group / Ungroup, Close Gap, Paste and Remove Attributes, Audio Remix, and Shift / Option / Alt. Read more here.

An introduction to the Essential Sound panel in Premiere Pro
Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 12.22.34 PM.pngHere's a free tutorial excerpt from LinkedIn Learning delivered by Richard Harrington. Consider subscribing to LinkedIn learning to soak up all the crucial information in the series entitled "Getting Started with Premiere Pro for the Non-Video Pro."
 See the tutorial here.



10 Tricks To Edit BLAZING FAST (Premiere Pro)

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 12.31.12 PM.pngJordy Vandeput is back with more tips and tricks for Premiere Pro. See his best tips for editing in Premiere Pro faster (so you can get back to playing video games!) These include render and replace and extending markers. Check out the accompanying video, where Jordy delivers the goods in his typical high-energy style. There's something here for everyone. Read more here.



How To Stabilize Video in Premiere Pro: Step by Step Guide

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 2.27.10 PM.pngJ.G. McQuarrie walks you through How To Stabilize Video In Premiere Pro on the Crumplepop site. Clear steps and his tips and tricks are the hallmarks of this tutorial. I like the idea of an accompanying video showing you the process visually too. J.G. does an excellent job, and his presentation is well worth watching. Read more here.


Thanks for reading the month's digest; we'll see you in December.

Handy Links

Small SQ GIF_11.gifComplete documentation for Premiere Pro 23.0 features

New Features

Fixed Issues

Past Digests

Small SQ GIF_14.gifLast Month's Digest

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For past digests from earlier this year, 2021, and 2020, see the Premiere Pro Community Digest Home Page.


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Premiere Pro Community Digest — November 2022








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