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Align Auto-Captions to Existing Timeline Cuts

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Oct 25, 2023 Oct 25, 2023

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Auto-transcribe and the creation of captions from these transcriptions are great features - but, I find myself spending a lot of time tidying up the way captions get split up, and then tweaking how they have been cut against the timeline.


Point 1: I often need to combine many captions after they've been generated from a transcript. Premiere will often split a sentence up into 3 or more separate captions, and I have to manually 'combine' them afterwards, despite setting the max 72 characters, and 6 second duration (single line) in the caption window. Perhaps we could have the option to have a higher character count in this panel to begin with?


Point 2: I spend a lot of time adjusting the captions to fit in with existing cuts in the timeline. Oftentimes, the auto-generated captions will cut from one to the next, anywhere from 1-10 frames either side of an existing cut in the video clips in my sequence - This is jarring for the viewer, as the scene changes and then 5-10 frames later the caption changes. This is also the case during silent portions of the audio, where there's a short pause. It would make much more sense if the software was able to intelligently line up the change in captions with existing video cuts in the sequence, so that as the video clip changes, the caption changes.


This would help my workflow by saving on the time required to produce each video, as I would no longer need to manually tweak/refine the placement of every caption in every video.

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