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Consolidate "Metadata Display Presets" And "Save View Preset"

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Mar 22, 2023 Mar 22, 2023

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I'm a 10 year Premiere Pro veteran and I still don't know how to have a consistent bin column display setup that loads every time I open Premiere. Having it somehow tied to the workspace when it was saved makes you have to reload your bin settings constantly. If you use any of the standard workspaces you are always having to re-load in your bin settings making this a two-step process. I can never remeber if the bin view is saved in the workspace or in the metadata display menu or if its saved in the "Save View Preset" options. There are too many options to supposedly accomplish the same thing. 


The current setup is:


Workspace setting | Bin View Preset | Metadata display presets.


Each one of these overwrites the other in some way. I think the metadata display and bin view options make some sense but could probably be consolidated in some way to make that one step instead of two (add remove columns and also set the order of their appearance in the project panel in one dialog) 


Proposed enhacements:


1. Ability to show/hide columns without having to open the metadata display dialog (right click: Hide column) Probably too many options to realisticly add them to a add column right-click context menu here but open to that. 

2. Bin view preset is independent of workspace. I often want to jump between different workspaces without losing my project bin setup. Stop overwriting the bin display every time I open a new workspace. 

3. Have some way of setting a defualt bin view so it loads on every project. 

4. Consolidate adding columns and in what order they appear them into one dialog and call this a "bin view preset." Get rid of metadata display concept, seems redundant. When dragging columns around in the project panel, retain the "Save view preset" and "Save as new" etc. 



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