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Writing a Review

Community Beginner ,
Feb 06, 2023 Feb 06, 2023

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Hello Adobe Community,

Every once in a while I receive a survey from Adobe to answer before the software opens. I always answer it. They only allow so many characters in the comment section so I try to add new suggestions each time. Below in blue are some of my requests/comments. Maybe there's something I'm missing that is a solution? I am a self-taught Premiere Pro user of 8 years. I am so frustrated with this system. I really miss Final Cut Pro 7 (yes, I'm one of them :P) which was so much easier to use. I can't believe there aren't any more choices out there I can afford that work smoothly. I encounter big problems everyday with the Premiere Pro system that keeps me from working. It's not user-friendly and has a lot of bugs. Maybe I'm asking the world? But I'd expect, for the price, that this system would work much better. There are many things I like about Premiere pro, but the cons far outweigh the pros. That said, does anyone want to add to my list of issues? Here they are:

1.  Can't set a permanent default to drag and drop audio the way you want set on timeline. (I don't like that you have to select clips in preview and then set. Why can't there be a default so you don't have to do anything?)

2.  The system is incredibly slow! I have brand new 64G of ram Mac Studio with super fast internet and it is SO SLOW! I have the same at work and it's is very SLOW as well!

3.  Can't continue to work while rendering. Long overdue change.

4. Playback on unrendered video is poor and skips. So, what's the point if playback isn't so great? Please improve this.

5.  PLEASE FIX THE WARP STABILIZER ISSUE! Warp stabilizer doesn't work. Either get rid of it or fix it. It's wobbly no matter my settings, and I don't dare put it on my timeline until the very end or it will cause major problems for my entire project. It's maddening.

6.  Please make old and new versions of Premiere Pro (or any Adobe software) compatible. The switching back and forth between versions to finish or revisit a project is getting old. It also makes it hard to collaborate with co-workers/others.

7.  PLEASE CHANGE YOUR TECH SUPPORT TO USA or train the ones you have properly! Your overseas representatives just don't understand this product. The ones I have encountered over the past five years really, truly don't understand Premiere Pro. They really don't!

8.  Many people have not yet converted to 4k or they are still using their 1920x1080 cameras (ie: Sony EX 300). This is not working on the Mac M1/M2. Rosetta is still required. Rosetta is outdated for Macintosh! It's slow and converts a fabulous M1/M2 back to Intel making it SLOW. Without Rosetta, the system does not work properly. Please accommodate for M1/2 system.

9.  Transcribing video will not give source timecode. Only zero from start of clip. This makes it hard to write scripts and collaborate on a shared project. 

10. Please add more filters that don't require a lot of extra steps. i.e.: the Final Cut version of earthquake or "shake" was drag and drop. Premiere Pro requires a lot of extra steps for the same effect.

11. The interface does not align with other Adobe Software, i.e. After Effects or Photoshop. Please consider making them work together more cohesively with the same types of commands.

12. Make importing clips easier. There are so many different ways to import clips and it's hard to understand which way to do it for what formats. Why not just one way to import and eliminate the confusion? I've had several Adobe tech support representatives tell me very different things. Importing is also hard to organize. A default is not allowed. Importing clips come in all out of order instead of by order. I appreciate the choices, but the interface is not user-friendly, you can't default if you want your clips to import in order.

13. Color correction is mediocre at best. Consider making vast improvements to this system. I hear DaVinci is beating you out!

14. Essential Graphics section is very tedious and not user-friendly. Please consider improvements.

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Community Beginner ,
Feb 06, 2023 Feb 06, 2023

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I forgot to add that this is for Premiere Pro!