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Premiere Pro Community Digest — November 2021

Adobe Employee ,
Nov 25, 2021 Nov 25, 2021

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Premiere Pro Community Digest - November 2021

Lights of Piazza NavonaLights of Piazza NavonaWhat's new Premiere Pro Community? Community Digest time for the month of November. Daylight Savings Time has long since passed and Halloween is just a memory. Today in the U.S. we lay out a feast for Thanksgiving to give thanks for all that we are grateful for.


I have just returned from a week off in Italy where the Christmas decorations and twinkling lights are already set in place. With this visual reminder, I wanted to wish you all a great holiday season!

With the holidays in view, it's going to be great to finish out 2021 with new versions of all the Adobe Digital Video Applications that came out recently at Adobe MAX. Have you checked them out yet?

Thanksgiving Time in the U.S.

Here in the U.S., this is a time of giving thanks. On this holiday, we take the time to give thanks and greetings to our family, friends, and colleagues. In that respect, I give thanks to you. As part of our community of editors and creatives using Adobe media tools, especially to those of you volunteering your help here, you are all amazing!

As a reminder, operations at Adobe will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday, from today, Thursday November 25th through Friday November 26th. Support may be limited at this time, sorry about that. Our forums, of course, are always standing by 24-7!


Premiere Pro Community: A look back at October and most of November 2021

In the Premiere Pro Community, let's first look back to earlier this month where we had another of our world famous 2-part online meetups. These particular ones are focused on how you might use Adobe After Effects as an editor. Personally, I think all editors should have some basic After Effects skills to level up your game in the world of titles, effects, and animated video graphic design. The meetups are entitled, "Premiere Pro: AE Makes it FANCY" (Part 1 | Part 2) —for full details, check these out. Super inspiring.



The highlight of the month came at the very end of October: Adobe MAX. It was a glorious MAX replete with a new version of Premiere Pro. After Effects also saw a huge update with Multi-Frame Rendering, as well!


Check out Jason Levine's demo of all the new features here.


Since MAX, we had an update for some crucial bug fixes for Premiere Pro too. Thanks to you who reported on these issues. A big thank you to Adobe DVA ACPs for all their assistance (as well as you power users) that contributed your time to the community. When new versions are released, we are so happy for your help; to explain the new features, to report on the crucial support issues, and letting me know how things are going. I appreciate your patience and kindness with those colleagues that may be having issues. You folks rock.

NOV_01.jpgPremiere Pro Team Blog Posts

Before and after MAX, there were a couple of Premiere Pro Team blog posts that were published. These are links to the articles related to Adobe Premiere Pro and some stories from the Premiere Pro filmmaking community. Just two Team Blog posts were written this month, but these are worth looking over.

NOV_02.jpgLatest Features: Adobe Premiere Pro (22.0.1)

Documentation on the latest features is here.
Detailed summary of the latest features are here.

New Features - Links to each feature

Simplify SequenceSimplify Sequence

Premiere Pro Beta

Have you stopped by the Premiere Pro Beta forum to see what's happening with new features that are released? See these recent discussions. Have you used the beta version of Premiere Pro yet? It's very simple to get. Just download the application from the Creative Cloud application.

NOV_03.jpgBeta Features: Adobe Premiere Pro Beta

New features are really happening quickly in Premiere Pro Beta. Please download it and discuss the features on the Premiere Pro Beta forum.


Features now included in Premiere Pro Beta


Here are the newer discussions by the Premiere Pro engineering team, discussing the newest features.

Discuss: New Feature Alert: Graphics Tab for Easy Text Editing, Spell Check and Search & Replace!

Discuss : Nvidia Hardware Accelerated Encode for 10 bit 4:2:0 HEVC

Discuss: Filtering Markers by color now applies to the whole application
Discuss more here.

NOV_05.jpgTop Troubleshooting threads

Issues with 22.0? I have some links that may be helpful. Check them out. 


  • Poor Performance of XAVC footage and other formats: This is a bug that is already fixed on Beta. The workaround is to set Playback Quality to "Full." You can also switch to "High Quality Playback" in the Settings menu (Wrench) in the Program Monitor. See this post.
  • Sequences with dynamic linked After Effects compositions or Media Encoder cause a crash. The fix: Install the After Effects 22.0.1 update. See this FAQ.
  • Issues with issues with saturation and brightness and HLG footage: See this FAQ


Jeff Bellune - Featured ACPJeff Bellune - Featured ACPFeatured Premiere Pro Community ACP - Jeff Bellune

This month's featured ACP for the Premiere Pro community is Jeff Bellune. I wanted to thank Jeff who has been helping the community since 2006 and is approaching 10,000 posts! I knew that Jeff had an interesting background, so I asked him to share a bit of that with us.

"After I graduated high school in San Diego, I went to UCLA on a 4-year Navy ROTC scholarship, earning a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1980. I wanted to be a pilot as long as I could remember, and the Navy route seemed most promising and challenging. I studied Math and CS just in case the pilot thing didn’t work out. But it did.


I was a US Navy pilot for 8 years before getting hired by Delta Air Lines. I flew for Delta for 33 years and have recently retired. After 41 years of flying, I’m glad to finally have my feet firmly planted on the ground! During my career, my wife and I have traveled plenty, and being dedicated homebodies now suits us both a bit better. Golf and guitar should take up most of my time in the future.

Before I got into video, I was a decent still photographer. My dad was too. He is the one I learned from and helped develop my love of photography. It was photography that accidentally got me into videography. I bought a laptop to edit digital photos. I came across a demo of Adobe Premiere and opened it and see what it did. When I discovered this was a way to digitize my analog Hi8 video and edit it in Premiere, I was hooked.


I’d edited a few videos for family and friends using an analog camera and a VHS machine, but it was a real chore, and the result was never close what I saw in my mind’s eye. Premiere changed all that for me. I discovered that some people were willing to pay me for what I could do, and a very small side business was born. These days, consulting makes up most of my paying work. Being retired, I’ve scaled that back as well. I really enjoy my no-pressure, no-deadline time in the forums."

Thanks again, Jeff! Your service to the Premiere Pro community has been amazing. We thank you so much from the bottom of our collective heart. 🙂


NOV_06.jpgCool New How-to Content

Here are some great new "How To" technique threads, videos, and other stuff you may find interesting. If you have a cool tutorial or technique to share with the community, please drop me a message.



What's new in Premiere Pro
By Javier Mercedes
New Audio Remix Tool In Premiere Pro is Crazy Good!
By Javier Mercedes

Simplify Sequence, New in Premiere Pro 22.0
By Adobe Video and Motion

Work Faster & Stand out in Premiere Pro | Using Auto-Reframe

By Adobe Video and Motion

That's about it for the Premiere Pro Community Digest for November 2021. Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you next month.

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Premiere Pro Community Digest — November 2021








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