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Suggestion for transcript editing

Explorer ,
Jun 15, 2024 Jun 15, 2024

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I am using Premiere Pro 24.4.1 (Build 2). Win 10 64-bit PC with latest updates.

The ability to edit transcribed text, and have those changes automatically create rough edits on the video, is really fantastic. I look forward to continued evolution and refinement of the feature.

I wish the tool had the ability to eliminate duplicate words and phrases. I'm using Premiere to edit recordings of training I'm receiving via zoom. My teacher is sensational, but has sort of a stutter... sometimes they end up repeating a word or a phrase several times in a row.

Essentially, I consider such repeated words to be an example of filler text, though the current tool seems to only search for 'um'.

There ought to be a way to batch up the most common errors I encounter and have Premiere search for and reduce them, regardless of punction the transcript process has introduced. For instance, if Premiere transcribed I, I I, or the the, the, there out to be able to replace all those instances with I or the, repectively, regardless of punctuation that was automatically inserted. Ought to be able to extend  across multiple lines, in instances where Premiere has inserted breaks in the transcript. (Referring to sections that show different time ranges.)

Just to be clear, my use-case involves consolidating video recordings for my own use. I'm not seeking to publish the results, so 'rough' is perfect.

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1 Comment
Community Expert ,
Jun 16, 2024 Jun 16, 2024

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I think this is related to the batch deletion functions (e.g. filler words as you mention), and could well be on the engineers' road map.


For workaround possibilities, see this staff comment about Regex:



I don't think there is any documentation on this, but it still works. I just tested in PR Beta The question in that thread was how to replace all punctuation so there is only a space. I tested replacing all periods and commas. I put this in the search field:


Once search has something with at least one find, the Replace button appears. Add a space. Then Replace All.


The \\R{} was @alexander-riss' special code to expose Regex in the Text panel search.

The []'s are part of the regex expression.

The \. is code that represents the escape character - backslash - so Regex sees it as the period character.


I'm not great at Regex, so I won't try to illustrate your particular issue. It is powerful and can be very complex.