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Ai or mogrt merge

Community Beginner ,
May 10, 2023 May 10, 2023

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Patching mogrt files together for graphical improvements on the way videos are presented 


immagine if i could patch mogrt files togeterher easily


define what one file does with words 

then apply the same context of visual information to another file





Make one text graphic merge with another and then add one more



I wanted laser text that was displayed in a winter snow fall style while filling the screen with a certain display sequence all the while being shown as though it was coming from outer space floating glitter 



ai would solve this but if not now, when ?


Idea No status
Compositing and VFX , Expressions , Performance , Scripting , SDK , UI and UX , Workflow






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1 Comment
Adobe Employee ,
May 18, 2023 May 18, 2023

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That's a wild idea and I love it! 

I can't make any promises on when we can get the robots to help us automagically do this, but you could in theory open all of these Mogrts up in AE and Frankenstein all of the components you desire with a little project spelunking and time. ChaptGPT may be of some help if you hit walls or need some things explained.  


You can open .mogrt files natively in AE with the following steps: 
1. put your .mogrt files in a folder you can easily find. Your video shows the Stock Browser view if I'm not mistaken. So just download a local copy of the .mogrts you wanna "combine"

2. Launch AE and use the top bar File > Open command (this is the only path that works) 

3. Select one .mogrt file at a time 

4. You'll be prompted to select a folder to "Extract" the contents of the .mogrt. Choose your spot 

5. Repeat this for all of the .mogrts 


Once you have them all unpacked, then open a new AE file and import each of the .aeps that were extracted from the .mogrt. 

Start grabbing elements from each project and see what happens. 


I'm loving this idea for the future though and I hadn't considered Mogrts as a way to train an .ai model with the types of mograph looks. I honestly had just considered feeding something a video, but giving the robots the whole project to stitch together is genius!  

In the meantime... I believe in yourself!!! 

Let us know how it goes! 




- Dacia Saenz, AE Engineering Team