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Request for Additional Scriptable Capabilites

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Nov 21, 2022 Nov 21, 2022

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I've recently gotten into scripting with the fantastic Automation Blocks. It's opened a world of control and automation I've never experience before due to a total lack of personal programming ability (no temperment for typos and formatting). In the past 4 weeks I've made tools that I've yearned for during my 25 years of After Effects experience.


That said, I've found a bunch of things inside the program that Automation Blocks can't touch and would like to request the following as touchable by scripts.


Interpret Footage - Main Options Tab

Interpret Footage Main Options.png

These functions can't be touched by scripts and there HAVE to be set manually. "Remember Interpretation" and "Apply Interpretation" help, but are not useful in situatons where properly formatted footage exist.


Interpret Footage - Color Management Tab


When "Importing" or using "EXR files as proxies" we have to set this check box manually since there is no way to get to it with a script. 6 clicks is a lot to get footage working.


Project Window Sort Toggles

Project Window Toggles.png

This might seem silly, but I use Label sorting pretty extensively to keep my work space tidy. Two clicks to sort my work environment might not seem like a lot, but getting another user to remember is sometimes a bridge too far.

Project Folder Twirl


When a script creates a bin, its initial state is closed. It would be great to have script control of this function to open the folder in the project window.


Open Dialogs

PlugIn Open Dialogs.png

We no script access to things like "Choose LUT..."

RunScript Open.png

Or an ability to select and run a script from "Run Script File..." dialog.


I'm sure there are more that other will identify and add here (I'm hoping anyways). Thanks for your attention and feedback.

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