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Request for Link-Based Workflow in After Effects for Improved Collaboration

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Jan 21, 2024 Jan 21, 2024

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I am writing to express my interest and advocate for the implementation of a link-based workflow feature in After Effects. While I appreciate the current capabilities of working within a single AE file, I believe that incorporating a link-based approach would significantly enhance collaboration and streamline project management.


Current Challenge: At present, After Effects requires importing all elements into the project, resulting in a less flexible workflow, especially in team environments. Making subsequent changes involves a cumbersome process of reimporting entire folders and replacing content, particularly if extensive edits have been made to the main composition.


Proposed Solution: The introduction of a link-based workflow would offer a more dynamic and efficient solution. This feature would allow users to link compositions or projects within a main file, enabling simplified adjustments without the need for repeated imports. Clicking on a linked comp would open the corresponding After Effects file, facilitating a seamless editing experience.



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