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Mercury Transmit issue

Community Expert ,
Nov 14, 2023 Nov 14, 2023

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Starting in 23.6, I started seeing an issue where I would see the playback of my timeline or any clips in the source monitor or bins freeze up. Premiere was still responsive - I could save the project, and exit out. But the play button the program monitor would be frozen and nothing will playback. Re-starting Premiere would work, but it would be only a matter of minutes before playback would freeze again.


This behavior carried over to 24.0, and after trying a number of things, the thing that "fixed it" (really is just a workaround) is turning off Mercury Transmit. Also, I found that if I leave it on, I need to set the audio to playback via the BMD Intesity card. That doesn't seem to stop it from happening, but it does go a lot longer before it does happen. For years my setup has been video out to a monitor via BMD Intensity 4K card, and audio plays out through the internal audio to speakers on my desk. Never had an issue...until 23.6, and now 24.0.


Did something change in 23.6 in regards to Mercury Transmit? I'd really like to go back to working as I used to. 


I'm on Windows 10, HP Z8 workstation, 64GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro P4000. 


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