Premiere Pro Community Digest—March 2022

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Mar 29, 2022 Mar 29, 2022

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Premiere Pro Community Digest - March 2022


Welcome to the Premiere Pro Community Digest for March 2022. For the month, we are still rolling with Premiere Pro 22.2. Thanks to all of you beautiful people who contributed their time. We are growing as a community due to all the effort, and I appreciate that. Editing is a great craft and a superb collection of super-intelligent human beings. I thank the heavens for all of your help.

Latest News

Springtime is here, Premiere Pro Community!AdobeStock_239244529_sm.jpg

As March comes to an end and April starts heating up for the Adobe Video and Audio community, I bring you greetings and well-wishes. Here's to longer and warmer days. Don't forget to take a Spring Break. I am!


This is your monthly reminder to head over to the Adobe Video Facebook page, where a lot of the news around the community is announced. Here is the link.


On the Premiere Pro Video Facebook page, community news starts with a new virtual meetup entitled Premiere Pro and Audition: REMIX! The Long and Short of It | Adobe Video Community Meet-up. This virtual meetup will be held on March 30, 2022, at Noon PST. That's this coming Wednesday, so do take note!


See more information about attending live here.


News and Blog Posts

Premiere Pro Team News
Let's look at some of the happenings with the Premiere Pro Team that occurred during March 2022. The release remains solid if you saw my comments in last month's digest. No significant issues have cropped up. Suppose you want to be on top of all the new features, head on to the User Guide's documentation on the release here. See also these other docs, which may provide additional info for you.


Complete documentation for Premiere Pro 22.2 features

New Features

Fixed Issues

Known issues

Feature requests and Bug Reports are here.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 7.27.51 PM.pngLooking forward to the NAB Show

I mentioned taking your Spring Break. How about Las Vegas? Because NAB is back after a two-year hiatus, I say that because Adobe will be there. Join Team Adobe April 23-27, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I'm sure there will be a lot of buzz around the booth this year.


More info will be coming soon, but stay tuned to the digest for more information soon. I hope to be there representing the community team for Adobe Digital Video and Audio. For those attending, it will be great to see you all again. Kindly send me a PM if you are going to participate so I can make sure that you are invited to any Adobe-related events and to bestow mountains of SWAG upon you! (OK, it might only be a pen, but I will try!). Please also check out the NAB Show 2022: The Official Toolfarm Guide, which usually does a great job providing links to all the cool events happening after the show floor closes.


Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 5.47.09 PM.png

Premiere Pro Team Blog Posts

In this part of the newsletter, discover links to articles related to Adobe Premiere Pro and its filmmaking community. There are new Premiere Pro Team blog posts that were posted during March, one of which summarizes the Adobe sponsored awards at SXSW Film Festival and features interviews with key filmmakers. There is also a super cool article about the Val Kilmer documentary too. The work of Ting Poo is examined via an interview by Meagan Keane, Premiere Pro Product Marketing Manager. Great job this month, team! One last blog was released at press time: Off to the races with Jockey editor Parker Laramie. This film was a 2021 entry at Sundance, as well. I'll put the trailer here inline.


Blog posts for the team included the following:


For all the latest in Adobe tech news, including from Adobe Video and Audio teams, please place this link on your list of places to visit regularly.

What's new?

AdobeStock_209522668_sm.jpgLatest Features: Adobe Premiere Pro (22.2)

News about the 22.2 release includes features that include Remix, fast speech-to-text enhancements, and new support for hardware encoding for HEVC 4:2:0 10-bit formats. See my in-depth post on the release here: Welcome to Premiere Pro 22.2!


Take a look at the link for each feature below. Documentation on the newest features is here. A complete summary of the latest features is here


New Features - Links to each feature

Premiere Pro Beta


AdobeStock_242165194_sm.jpgBeta Features: Adobe Premiere Pro Beta

It's like Christmas in March if you are a fan of new features. I'm talking about Premiere Pro Beta, if you weren't already aware. Download the application from the Creative Cloud application and install it to experience those new features. More info here

Features that are now included in Premiere Pro Beta.


Check out the Premiere Pro Beta forum to see what's new or any further announcements. See these recent discussions.


Premiere Pro Beta documentation is here.


AdobeStock_50912568_sm.jpgTop Troubleshooting threads

Issues with 22.2? Here are links to articles that might solve your problem. There are some issues there I am noting but these two are dominant. 


  • Issues with saturation and brightness and HLG footage: See this FAQ
  • Memory Preferences for M1 Macs may need adjustment: See Known issues

Adobe Community Professional Highlight

44972fb8-ab86-4e61-b3f0-ccd0e8e29e20.jpegFeatured Premiere Pro Community Professional - Richard van den Boogaard

It's time to hail our featured Premiere Pro Community ACP for the month, Richard van den Boogaard. Richard has been a community member since 2010 and has written over 869 posts with "Likes" galore awarded by users like you.


In addition to his work here as an ACP, Richard is also a talented cameraman. Congratulations on those awards, Richard. I am eager to learn more about Richard and his life in the Netherlands, so I asked him to share a few details. Richard wrote the following:

I am an autodidact. I learn by doing and do by learning.


I have been an Adobe fan for as long as I have been actively using computers, starting with some of the products that later became part of the Adobe family. Most notably, Cool Edit Pro by Syntrilliums now known as Audition), Pagemaker (now InDesign), and Photoshop. I have always had an interest in the combination of marketing, media, and technology.


161102_Krups_RamsesDSC_6103.jpegFor the first 12 years of my career, I was employed as a marketeer and later interactive consultant. During my last stint as an employee, I created the first branded channel on YouTube in the Netherlands, for Rabo SportTV, an initiative of the Dutch Rabobank. After a successful launch, I thought, hey what I did for them; I can do for many other brands. So in early 2009, I decided to set up my video marketing agency by the name Branded Channels, helping brands to manifest their brand on external platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and other social media.


However, from my first assignments, I quickly learned that many companies did want to invest in video but also considered it too expensive. This belief directly resulted from how the corporate video business worked until then: a whole team would show up, consisting of a cameraman, sound guy, director, assistant, gaffer, etc. Although this still is warranted for larger productions, the market opportunities were unmistakenly to create more video for less money. This market demand collided with a perfect storm in camera equipment. The growing popularity of DSLR cameras being used to create beautiful shallow DOF, unlike anything smaller chip sensors typical in corporate video were capable of in 2009.


Although I did have a background as a DJ, I knew nothing about camera technology. So I ventured to enroll in Camera College in Bergen op Zoom, a private education that taught me everything in 3-4 months. I remember getting off the train walking towards the first day in class literally re-introducing me to myself, "Hi, I'm Richard. I'm a cameraman". I was quickly regarded as one of the most eager students as I soaked up all available knowledge, from light to lens to composition, etc., I went to London to go Christmas shopping with my wife following this short course. That is, she did and I mostly stayed out on the streets capturing the atmosphere of Christmas in London.

I used my audio editing techniques to combine sound and images, reinforcing the lyrics of the song with the footage captured. Between Christmas and New Year's, I send out this video to all of my network, and ever since early 2010, I have been doing nothing but creating video content, for a wide variety of brands and clients.



What I love most about this profession, is that you get to be in so many different places, situations and meet and work with great people, some of them celebrities. One week you're standing atop of an elevator ceiling, while the next you're shooting a behind-the-scenes video featuring a famous model or you're going on a shoot to Spain, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Turkey, or Indonesia for a travel agency or corporate client. Never a dull moment.



I predominantly operate as a one-man band, although I do work with larger teams whenever the production warrants it. Increasingly, I manage to work with clients that approach video as an ongoing effort and I work with them as their flexible partner in creating, managing, and editing their video content. And Adobe continues to deliver the tools to make it all work.


Thanks again, Richard! The Premiere Pro community appreciates all you do. Have you ever been assisted by Richard? If so, drop him a note here if you have a spare moment.

To know more about our Adobe Community Professionals, click here.

Learn Something New

AdobeStock_154760711_sm.jpgRecommended how-to content

Here are some great "How To" technique threads, videos, and other tidbits you may find compelling. Please let me know if you have a handy tutorial or technique to share with the community.


Walter Murch - The six criteria of film editing
By Web of Stories

How To Do a Filmstrip Style Transition
By Javier Mercedes

Dual monitor editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
By Video Revealed


5 Tricks using MASKS in Premiere Pro

By Premiere Basics


We'll have to leave it right here for the Premiere Pro Community Digest for March 2022. Thanks for visiting the digest for the month, and we'll see you in April.

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Complete documentation for Premiere Pro 22.2 features

New Features

Fixed Issues

Known issues

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