Premiere Pro Community Digest—April 2022

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Apr 30, 2022 Apr 30, 2022

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Premiere Pro Community Digest - April 2022


Welcome to the Premiere Pro Community Digest for April 2022. We did have an exciting new release since we last checked in with you. It's Premiere Pro 22.3.1. There are many cool new features to discuss and one important troubleshooting note to share with you. The Premiere Pro team was at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, showing all the latest Premiere Pro features this week, and I enjoyed seeing those of you who attended there! 

Latest News

Spring is here!Spring is here!Hello, again, Premiere Pro community!

Did you get that Spring Break in yet? I hope so! As I was saying, I just got back from the NAB Show and am still excited about all I experienced. What a great week of seeing new tech and reconnecting with friends. I did not realize how much I missed NAB and all that surrounded it.


Have you been over to the Adobe Video Facebook page lately? To remind you, this is where breaking news around the community is announced. Here is the link.


On the Premiere Pro Video Facebook page and YouTube, we had a virtual meetup entitled Premiere Pro and Audition: REMIX! The Long and Short of It | Adobe Video Community Meet-up. This virtual meetup was held on March 30, 2022. I hope you enjoyed it! 


We'll have another virtual meetup soon, likely after NAB, so stay tuned to the Premiere Pro Facebook page for news on that. In the meantime, watch the replay here!


News and Blog Posts

Premiere Pro Team News
Let's check out the new stuff with Premiere Pro that occurred during April 2022. The latest release has many valuable features, so be sure to check out the documentation for the release here. See also these other docs, which may provide additional info for you.


Complete documentation for Premiere Pro 22.3.1 features

New Features

Fixed Issues

Known issues

Feature requests and Bug Reports are here.

Adobe booth at NAB 2022Adobe booth at NAB 2022NAB, it's a wrap!

Were you in Las Vegas for NAB? We hope you joined Team Adobe from April 23-27, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Adobe booth was a great place to meet and learn new things. If we missed you there, we have replays of key presentations coming up on our YouTube channel shortly. 







The booth was very busy at the show!The booth was very busy at the show! was in the Adobe booth, a Camera to Cloud booth, and its booth. They gave full-length presentations several times in the Adobe booth.


The app FiLMiC Pro announced a Camera to Cloud workflow, which means you can shoot on your phone, and the footage is uploaded to the cloud and available in You can then edit that footage directly in Premiere Pro. Try it and let me know what you think.






Community Events at NAB

This year's community events included the Content Creator Party on Sunday, the MoGraph Meetup on Monday, and the SuperMeetup on Tuesday, which I attended on behalf of the community. It was wonderful reconnecting and making new friends.

Here's a shot of Premiere Pro Product Manager Francis Crossman, Hallease Narvaez, this year's Adobe Creative Resident, and me at the SuperMeetUp.













SuperMeetUp with Hallease!SuperMeetUp with Hallease!
As one of the original organizers of SuperMeets (which we held at Macworld, back in the day), I am very happy to see this grassroots event happening once more.


Great job Dan and Katie Berube for your herculean effort.


Aside from the events, I got to meet a few of our ACPs at events and our booth, including Neil Haugen and David Arbor. Hey people, it was great seeing you again.


Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 6.32.33 PM.png

Premiere Pro Team Blog Posts

Here are the latest blog posts.


Blog posts for the team included the following:


For all the latest Adobe tech news, including Adobe Video and Audio teams, place this link on your regular list of places to visit.

What's new?

New in Premiere Pro!New in Premiere Pro!Latest Features: Adobe Premiere Pro (22.3.1)

News about the 22.3.1 release includes features that include: a new Review workspace with integration, Camera to Cloud workflow (including using your mobile phone with FiLMiC Pro!), a redesigned import, a redesigned export, a new header bar, a new Export Preset Manager, Auto Color (powered by Adobe Sensei), Speech to Text for Cantonese, Show or hide markers by color, Trim mode playback looping option, a Remix progress indicator, Support for Sony VENICE 2 camera, Change text size in the Text panel, and a way to make customized clip names in EDL exports.


It's a fantastic array of features that will enhance your workflow. Ask me how I can help you integrate these new tools into a way to work more efficiently.

See my in-depth post on the release here: Welcome to Premiere Pro 22.3.1!


Take a look at the link for each feature below. Documentation on the newest features is here. A complete summary of the latest features is here announcements!

New Features - Links to each feature

Premiere Pro Beta

Premiere Pro BetaPremiere Pro BetaBeta Features: Adobe Premiere Pro Beta

Do you love new features as much as I do? If so, have a look at Premiere Pro Beta. Download the application from the Creative Cloud application and install it to experience those new features. More info here

There are no new features for Premiere Pro Beta currently, but there's still plenty to discuss in the Premiere Pro Beta forum. Stop by to see what's new or to hear about what's coming up next. See these recent discussions.


Premiere Pro Beta documentation is here


Troubleshooting tipsTroubleshooting tipsTop troubleshooting articles

Issues with exports and rendering in 22.3? Please update to version 22.3.1, which has a fix for those issues explained in the following post from product manager Francis Crossman. 


  • Premiere Pro stops playback at around 34:46 (Fixed in v22.3.1): See this post.

Adobe Community Professional Highlight

Featured Premiere Pro Community Professional - Warren Heaton

Warren Heaton ACPWarren Heaton ACPIt's time to present our featured Premiere Pro Community Professional for the month, Warren Heaton. Warren has been a community member since 2012 and has written over 3,630 posts with "Likes" galore awarded by users like you. If you are looking for an expert on digital video or motion design, Warren's your guy.


In addition to his work here as an Adobe Community Professional, Warren is also a talented motion graphics artist, editor, instructor, and user group leader. Congratulations on all your awards from industry associations, Warren. I am eager to learn more about Warren and his life in Los Angeles, so I asked him to share a few details. Warren wrote the following:


Warren Heaton is a Senior Designer at CBS Marketing & Brand Design, creating promo motion graphics for CBS broadcast, Paramount+ streaming, and corresponding ViacomCBS social media content.  He is also Associate Faculty at the Santa Monica College Center for Media and Design, teaching Motion Graphics I & II, and has written the curriculum for several of the certificate program courses offered there.  While earning his MFA in Live-Action Film and Video (studying to be a cinematographer) from the California Institute of the Arts, Warren discovered Premiere 3, Photoshop 2.5, and - of course - Cosa After Effects 1.5, which almost instantly changed his career path from feature film production to post-production.  His first time using 640-by-480 Photoshop files as source footage in a 240-by-160 Premiere A/B Timeline involved waiting forever to render a Cinepak QuickTime movie file, but watching it playback was nothing short of a “this is what I am supposed to do with my life” moment.

Before joining the design team at CBS, Warren had his own company for a half-decade specializing in video post-production and DVD-Video design and authoring.  His freelance clients have included DirecTV, Technicolor, Neutrogena, and the California Endowment.  

Warren is proud of the award-winning work he has done with design teams over the decades, but the awards that he is most proud of are winning DV Magazine’s Media Masters Award for Motion Graphics and a couple of Communicator Awards for motion design. 

He feels fortunate to be among the very talented group that makes up the Adobe Community Professionals. Warren is also an Adobe User Group Manager as co-host and co-founder of the world’s longest-running After Effects user group Digital Media Artists Los Angeles.  If you are interested in joining, DMALA is the Facebook group, and MotionLA is the Facebook page.  Being organized entirely by volunteers and with Adobe as the primary sponsor, DMALA continues to be free for its talented members since its earliest days as Motion Graphics Los Angeles in the mid-1990s.

Warren’s favorite thing about Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Animate, InDesign, Media Encoder, and Audition (among the rest of the expanding collection of Adobe Creative Cloud applications) is that you can imagine it, then you can create it.  Let him know that you’ve voted for his feature requests on the Adobe Video and Audio User Voice pages, and he’ll happily do the same in return.


Thanks again, Warren! The Premiere Pro community appreciates all you do. Have you ever been assisted by Warren? If so, drop him a note here if you have time.

To know more about our Adobe Community Professionals, click here.

Learn Something New

Premiere Pro Tips!Premiere Pro Tips!Recommended how-to content

Here are some great "How To" technique threads, videos, and other tidbits you may find compelling. Please let me know if you have a handy tutorial or technique to share with the community.




What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro 2022? Spring Release Updates

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Thanks for reading the digest for the month, and we'll see you in May.

Handy Links

Premiere Pro links!Premiere Pro links!Complete documentation for Premiere Pro 22.3.1 features

New Features

Fixed Issues

Known issues


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Premiere Pro Community Digest — April 2022

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Thanks for putting this digest together, @Kevin-Monahan! What a great recap of NAB and all of the new features.





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