Premiere Pro Community Digest—June 2022

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Jul 07, 2022 Jul 07, 2022

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Adobe Premiere Pro Community Digest — June 2022Adobe Premiere Pro Community Digest — June 2022

Premiere Pro Community Digest - June 2022


Welcome to the Premiere Pro Community Digest for June 2022. It's time for a new release: Premiere Pro 22.5. Let's get started with the community news, and then we can discuss the new features. I'll also remind you about some great stuff happening with Premiere Pro Beta!

Latest News

Small SQ GIF_13.gifHello there, Premiere Pro community!

It's summertime; hopefully, you're enjoying the weather and staying cool. Don't forget to keep your computer in a cool, well-ventilated place. These hotter months can cause added strain on your computer. 


Have you been over to the Adobe Video Facebook page lately? To remind you, this is where all the latest news around the community is announced. Here is the link.


On the Adobe Video Facebook page and YouTube, we had a virtual meetup entitled Premiere Pro: UX IRL | Adobe Video Community Meet-up June 2022. This virtual meetup was held on June 29, 2022. Very cool to see the UI changes discussed in depth by Francis, Parker, and Nakiesha.


We'll have another virtual meetup on July 27, so stay tuned to the Premiere Pro Facebook page for news. In the meantime, watch the replay here!



News and Blog Posts

Premiere Pro Team News
Let's check out the new stuff with the Premiere Pro that occurred during June 2022. The latest release has a few good new features, so check out the documentation for the release here. See also these other docs, which provide additional info for you.


Complete documentation for Premiere Pro 22.5 features

New Features

Fixed Issues

Known issues

Feature requests and Bug Reports are here.

More NAB videos are out!

Because they were so many of them, we didn't get to all the NAB highlights in last month's digest. Why not check out the rest of them now? These videos feature highlights for some of our best presentations from the Team Adobe booth at NAB in Las Vegas. I'm sure you'll get great info in each one. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


After Effects: What's New in Motion Design | NAB 2022


Now up to three times faster on Apple M1 Macs, #AfterEffects gives today's motion designers the tools they need to do great work — and the speed to finish sooner. Along with support for Apple silicon, the latest release of After Effects offers built-in review and approval tools with for Creative Cloud, Scene Edit Detection, powered by Adobe Sensei, and improvements for 3D workflows. | #NABShow


Motion Design for Social in a Snap | NAB 2022 x Premiere Pro, After Effects,


Discover how to level up your social media content with #PremierePro, #AfterEffects, and


Premiere Pro: What's New in Editing


Along with for Creative Cloud, the latest release of Premiere Pro introduces a redesigned media-first Import workflow, a new header bar for easier navigation within the application, a streamlined, customizable new Export mode, Auto Color, which uses the power of Adobe Sensei to accelerate color correction, and other workflow improvements.

We Made a Horror Movie in 4 Places at Once |, Premiere Pro, After Effects


Remote film production was made possible in #PremierePro, #AfterEffects, and A Filmmaker panel with Valentina Vee, Jon Brandon Cruz, and School of Motion. | #NABShow

Remote Movie-Making with Creative Cloud | Premiere Pro x NAB 2022


Director Valentina Vee walks through her process of directing a horror short that was shot and created by four filmmakers at once. The entire process is showcased - from conceptualizing and pre-production, through production workflows using Camera to Cloud - through post-production: editing and color in Adobe #Premiere#Pro, motion design, and VFX in #AfterEffects, and revisions in

Breaking Down the Content Game with the Golden State Warriors | NAB 2022


The Golden State Warriors Studio shares how they use Camera to Cloud in to produce and edit HDR content with Adobe #PremierePro and #AfterEffects.

Behind The Scenes of A Movie Trailer Made In 3 Days | Camera To Cloud,, & Premiere Pro


Learn how four filmmakers made a movie trailer in 3 days with Camera To Cloud,, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

Four Filmmakers One Film | Camera To Cloud,, & Premiere Pro


Four filmmakers, Valentina Vee, Ryan Connolly, Jon Brandon Cruz, and Kyle Hamrick, create one film seamlessly with Camera to Cloud,, and Premiere Pro.


Photoshop for Video Guru - Rich Harrington in the Adobe Booth at NAB 2022Photoshop for Video Guru - Rich Harrington in the Adobe Booth at NAB 2022

We hope you enjoyed the videos. If any new videos come out next month, we'll be sure to highlight those in the following community digest. Thanks for watching!


Premiere Pro Team Blog Posts

Here are the latest blog posts.



Blog posts for the team included the following:


 For all the latest Adobe tech news, including Adobe Video and Audio teams, place this link on your regular list of places to visit.

What's new?

Small SQ GIF_08.gifLatest Features: Adobe Premiere Pro (22.5)

News about the 22.5 release includes features that include: Essentials workspace & Vertical Video workspace, proxy improvements: proxy badges in the Project panel and Timeline and burn-in option for watermarking proxies, gradients for strokes and shadows, improved H264/HEVC encoding on Apple M1 systems, GPU acceleration for the following effects: Magnify, Replicate, Spherize, and Warp Wave, support for RED V-RAPTOR, paste to same track keyboard shortcuts, and various performance enhancements.

See my in-depth post on the release here: Welcome to Premiere Pro 22.5!


Take a look at the link for each feature below. Documentation on the newest features is here. A complete summary of the latest features is here

New Workspaces in Premiere Pro



Proxy Improvements in Premiere Pro


What's new in Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 v 22.5?


New Features - Links to each feature

Premiere Pro Beta


Small SQ GIF_10.gifBeta Features: Adobe Premiere Pro Beta

Do you love new features as much as I do? Check out the Beta. More info here

Premiere Pro Beta offers up several new features that should interest you. Preview the details in these posts. 

See these recent discussions. You can also stop by to upvote features or file bugs with a new feature in the Premiere Pro Beta forum. Let me know what you think of these community features.


Premiere Pro Beta documentation is here


Small SQ GIF_12.gifTop troubleshooting articles

Issues with any of your projects? First, please update to version 22.5, which might have a fix for those issues. 


  • Performance and the Libraries panel: If you are experiencing performance issues, close the Libraries panel and see if your situation improves. This thread by a product team member confirms the case.
  • Hangs when editing text in the Text panel: If you are experiencing hangs in the Text panel, you might try closing the Text panel and editing text in the Program Monitor instead. A hang occurred as I was editing captions. I submitted a process to the product team, who confirmed the bug. They know about the issue and are working on a fix. 

Adobe Community Professional Highlight

Featured Adobe Community Professional - Christian Ziadeh

Christian ZiadehChristian ZiadehIt's time to present our featured Adobe Community Professional for June, Christian Ziadeh, AKA "Christian.Z." Christian has been a community member since 2018 and has written over 896 posts with tons of "Likes" awarded by users like you. 


Christian told me he is currently very busy with a recent move to Qatar as a Director and Producer. He also has a baby on the way, so congratulations, Christian!


Thanks again, Christian! The Premiere Pro community appreciates all your efforts. Have you ever been helped by Christian? If so, drop them a note here if you have time.

To know more about our Adobe Community Professionals, click here.

Learn Something New

Small SQ GIF_09.gifRecommended how-to content

Here are some great "How To" technique threads, videos, and other tidbits you June find compelling. Please let me know if you have a handy tutorial or technique to share with the community.


How to Add Camera Shakes in Adobe Premiere Pro

Channel: Premiere Gal


Why you SHOULD be using THIS codec in Premiere Pro
Channel: Javier Mercedes


Complete Beginners Guide to Transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro in Under 10 Minutes
Channel: Justin Odisho


How to get the PERFECT GREEN KEY in Adobe Premiere Pro
Channel: Premiere Pro Basics

Thanks for reading the month's digest; we'll see you in July.

Handy Links

Small SQ GIF_11.gifComplete documentation for Premiere Pro 22.5 features

New Features

Fixed Issues

Known issues

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Premiere Pro Community Digest — June 2022

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