FAQ: What is Auto-Analysis, or Why does Organizer freeze?

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Jul 11, 2012 Jul 11, 2012

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What is the Auto-Analyzer?

The Elements Organizer has the ability to scan your videos and look for certain characteristics that may help you choose what will work best for you projects in Premiere Elements. This Auto-Analysis runs in the background of your system, scanning the video files in your catalog and applying Smart Tags when it finds certain criteria have been met. There are over 50 Smart Tags that can be applied, including whether the footage is blurry, includes a zoom or pan, has people's faces, etc. Additionally, it will break up your video up into individual scenes. It will also check your image files for people’s faces so you can identify in which pictures your friends and family appear.


     Smart Tags

While Auto-Analysis can be very useful for digging through your footage and breaking it down into more digestible bits, video files can be very large. Thus the system resources needed to analyze some video files can cause the rest of your system to perform slowly. Additionally, poor compression or incompatible codecs within the video files can cause errors with the Auto-Analyzer.

How do I customize Auto-Analysis?

The Auto-Analyzer can have its behavior modified in the Organizer Preferences (Mac OS: Adobe Elements [Version] Organizer > Preferences, Windows: Edit > Preferences > Media Analysis). Pictured here:


     The Auto-Analysis Preferences

How do I turn off Auto-Analysis?

To completely disable the Auto-Analyzer, uncheck all of the options in the Media Analysis Preferences.

What if Elements Organizer is crashing or freezing?

If Auto-Analysis is really struggling with your files, it may cause the Elements Organizer to crash. And the crash may occur faster than you can get to the Preferences to disable it. In these cases, here are the steps you can follow to disable the Auto-Analyzer.

  1. While Launching the Elements Organizer (click “Organize” on the Welcome Screen), hold down the Shift key.

NOTE: You have to perform this step quickly.

  1. If you get the timing right, the Catalog Manager will appear before the Organizer opens. The Catalog Manager is the same dialog you see when you go to File > Catalog from within the Organizer.
  2. In the Catalog Manager, click the New button. You may get a warning about your Backup/Synchronization settings. Just click OK.
  3. Give the new catalog a name (it doesn’t matter what it is, just something you can identify later, such as “Test”). Click OK.
  4. The Elements Organizer will launch with this new, blank catalog. But don’t worry, all of your files are still safe.
  5. Go to the Media Analysis settings in Preferences and uncheck all options.
  6. Go to File > Catalog and in the Catalog Manager, select your original catalog from the list (default name is “My Catalog”) and click Open.


     The Catalog Manager

If these steps do not address your Elements Organizer crashing or freezing issues, then you are dealing with a problem that doesn’t involve the Auto-Analyzer.

What if Auto-Analyzer is having trouble in Elements Organizer but I still would like to scan some files?

If you’ve had to disable Auto-Analysis because of some trouble with certain files, but you’d like Auto-Analyze other files, you can do so. Simply select the files you would like analyzed and go to Edit > Run Auto-Analyzer.  This will just scan the files you have selected.

Why won’t Auto-Analysis work with my files?

As previously mentioned, Auto-Analysis may have issues with the way your video files have been compressed. Additionally, there is a file size limitation to what can be analyzed.  The upper limit is about 4000 x 4000 pixels, or around 15.6 megapixels. While the Organizer will import much larger files and even generate thumbnails for them, the Auto-Analyzer will not read them. They will merely be skipped over. If you try to analyze a single file of such large size, you will be informed of this skipping due to potential errors.


     Media skipped warning message








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